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Based out of East London, James Morris is a composer for film, tv and games. He started writing music as assistant composer to Guy Michelmore on an array of projects (including Marvel's Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) and from here has moved on to score many other films, adverts and games with much success. Under the name Rest Stop, he has recently released his debut album "Life Support".

“I love to use instruments in unconventional ways and really blur the lines between what is electronic and what is acoustic. My favourite approach when working with a character is to find a sound or instrument that really feels like it resonates with them and through various methods build a score from that.”

Listen to his music and contact him to discuss him scoring your media project. 



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by James Morris



Buying Happiness (20--) / Mak CK

One Taxi Ride (2018) / Mak CK

Paperclip (2017) / James Button

George and the Dragon  (2017) / David Anderson

When In America (2017) / James Button & Oscar Garth

raw* (feature length) (2016) / David I Strasser

Skies of Arcadia (2016) / Carlo Gariboldi

Slow Goings (2016) / James Button

The Stapler (2016) / Oscar Garth

My Friend the Raptor (2016) / James Button

Flip Flops (2015) / Haolu Wang

The Stalking of Ernest Gorby (2015) / Dorian Cohen

Fairy Lights in the Doorway (2015) / Ella Rose Howlett

House of Locks (2015) / Gaëlle Mourre

Planet X (2015) / Rohit Gill

Parents of the Groom (2015) / Emily Shesh

Russian Roulette (2014) / Ben Aston / Winner of Grand Jury Prize at Sundance-London 2014, Official Selection: Sundance 2015 

Building Tomorrow (2014) / Carlo Maria Gariboldi

Loud Like Love (2014) / Gabriel Serrano Denis

A Lovely Life (2014) / Andrea Sinkovics

Awakening (2014) / Gaëlle Mourre

The Goat's Birthday (2014) / James Button

Being James (2014) / Haolu Wang

The Goat's Christmas (2013) / James Button

Good Luck Mr Gorsky (2013) / Stars and Heroes

KITE (2013) / James Button

Directionless (2013) / James Button / 2 awards, 4 nominations, 2 shortlisting and 3 selections including Sundance and IMDB. 

The Goat (2013) / James Button

Dear Future Self (2013) / James Button

The Corpse (2012) / James Button

Rocket Boys (2012) / James Button / 12 awards and 15 nominations, including Best Score, 3x Best Performances awards, Best Screenplay, Best Director, 2x Audience Choice awards and 2x Best Film awards. 

Dinner and a Movie (2012) / Ben Aston 

The Curse of Turan


Do Your Part

My Little Darling

TV Shows

The Corse Series (2016) / Crypt TV / James Button

Iron Man: Armoured Adventures (2011-2012) / 26 episodes, under Guy Michelmore / Marvel Animation/Method, Nick Toons

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012) / 33 episodes, under Guy Michelmore / Marvel Animation/Film Roman, Disney XD

Delightfully Dark (2011-2012) / James Button

The Perfect Place (from Machine of Death Monologues) (2011) / Orpheos Productions


Food Trails (6 Episodes, 2015) / State of Flow

Christmas in Camarthen (2015) / State of Flow

Dog Trails (2015) / State of Flow 

Castles & Princes (2014) / State of Flow

Eat Fit Food (2014) / Edward Copestick

Zombie Battlefield (2014) / State of Flow

Nourkrin (2014) / Stars and Heroes / Worldwide TV & Radio campaign (National advert on UK channels, including Channel 4 and Good Food) 

The Beacon (Cardiff) (2013) / State of Flow

British Transport Police (2013) / Mark Sherratt

TVE - They Will Be Fine (2012) / James Button

Burma Human Rights Movie

Southern/Northern Monitoring/CIA Alarms 

Gwent Outdoors Centre 


Smartsong / Composer and overseer of 30 or so other composers



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